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Welcome to our Events Page here you can find out about some of our events we hold. All ages can participate and free, hope to see you there!

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Creativity Day

Want to learn about art or need to use some certian supplies to create a piece you would want to but not have any. Come to Creative Day to have those supplies, showcase your work, constructive critism and most popular piece is auctioned off.
Concent of owner is required, proceeds go to charity of artists choice.

Library Card is required

Poem Slam

Have a poem you would like to share? come to Poem Slam to share with others on stage. We would enjoy you to join us, for such creative and in-depth individules or amatuer poem writers.

All Stars

Have a speacial talent; jumping high, bottle flipping, or mad parkour skills? Come to the All Stars talent showcase where people from all over show off there skills in our state of the art staduim. Judges will be present in order to win one free item in our bookstore.

Free item is limited to certian products

Leadership Building

Wanted to become or be a better leader within your community. Come here to Leadership Building-found in left coridoier of building past gymnasism- to create a strong skill set in leadership. We will go through certian senarios where thinking and quick-solutions will put you to the test with others.