Slake College Library of International Education

Welcome to Slake College Library of International Education, here you can find an assortment of books, DVDs, computers and periodicals. Events are scheduled weekly you can find it here or on our notice board in front of the conference center. Be sure to stop by our shop too for your school supply needs. Hope to see you soon!

As you enter our library make sure to ask for a library card-absolutely free-at the front desk. With this card you can check out books. Limited up to 2 books at a time. Our genres include: Fantasy, Fiction, Non Fiction, Horror, Comics, and Children Books.

The library isn't just about books, we also have DVD's. Use your card to check out some DVDs. This is a recent intallastion to our library curtosy of DMACC for the donation. Limited up to 3 DVDs at a time. Some of our DVD genres include: Horror, Action, Sci-fye, Documenturies, Cartoons, and Anime.


During certain days you can find other programs such as: Art, History, HTML and CSS, and many other educational tutors here. These tutors come from all over and are volunteers. Some are very talented and understading of certain subjects.We would like to thank 1Jeff Gullion for his 15 years of volunteer work as a HTML and CSS tutor here at Slake College Library of International Education.


The events here at SCLIE consist of:

Want to find out about these events? Visit here for more.

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