Hi! I'm Pablo Ramos.
I write and read on my blog.
I also love exploring and producing captivating projects.

I am part of the co-ownership team at Espumosos Confort, a Series A well stablished enterprise founded in 1954, in Lerín, where we specialized in crafting artisanal sodas and distributing regional spirits and soft drinks with precision and care.

I worked between St.Gallen and Pamplona on a wide variety of different environments, first on query understanding and then, acquiring leading responsibilities.

I graduated with a Bachelors in
Telecommunications Engineering from UPNA University after finishing high school in Pamplona, Spain, prior to which I enjoyed my early years during elementary school in Lerín, Spain.

I've worked at a few places too

Jun '23 - Present

I moved to engage the Akkodis team in St.Gallen Switzerland without knowing that eventually I would fall in love with this land and it's inhabitants' way of life.
Here, I've collaborated with cross-functional teams to the full software development lifecycle from requirements analysis to deployment and support. Ensured code quality through reviews and resolved defects for optimal performance and user satisfaction alongside Benjamin Rohner and Sven Sprey.

Jun '21 - Jun '23

Radar project

I worked in FSGroup which is a small but very ambitious company with ~50 employees backed by Mozas + Aguirre, Zikotz, Desait, Viarpre, Espacio BIM and Engineers Declare led by Fernando Sarría , who founded the enterprise.
During my tenure, I honed the skill of spearheading various projects as the lead product owner, effectively introducing myself into this pivotal role.
I worked under David Alcaraz and colaborated with Daniel Huarte and Gonzalo Berástegui.

Agil Packaging Systems
Jul '21 - Jun '23

Laser welding project

As an external contributor at APS, I immersed myself in the realm of laser technologies, finding deep fulfillment in the work. Leading the software development, I orchestrated the creation of a cutting-edge system capable of laser-welding two polymer sheets in continuous motion. This pioneering process resulted in the formation of a pneumatic communication pathway, later inflated to serve as packaging for large household appliances.

Jan '21 - May '21

I had the privilege to work at the Pamplona's headquarters of Vanadys.
Here, I contributed to the development of a real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management), where I improved my backend skills alongside Joel Marin. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to delve into Vue.js for front-end development under the guidance of Alberto Imizcoz.

Orbital Critical Systems
Jul '19 - Dec '20

In my initial engineering role at Orbital CS bought by CAF in 2021, I served at Berrioplano office on the Testing team. This position afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional professionals such as Fermin Lasa, Alvaro Cuartero and Javier Buñuel. Together, we focused on conducting unit testing within the domains of aerospace, railway, and satellite systems.

UPNA University
Sep '14 - Jun '19

I went to college here, in Pamplona. I learnt, did research and participated from CRN Awards for Final Degree Projects with Entrepreneurial Projects . It's warm and beautiful. I graduated with a Bachelors acquiring valuable and lifetime relationships.

El Redín
Sep '12 - Jun '13

I went to high school here, in Pamplona, for 6 years. It was the most resembled school in my area, where I was taught Math by the current director: Mikel Rodriguez.

Blanca de Navarra
Sep '12 - Jun '13

I went to school here, in Lerín, where I was born. I have really nice and vibrant memories from this epoch where I developed a really high amount of curiosity for systems and devices. In fact it was quite known that I loved playing around with any kind of tech device.

Espumosos Confort
Jun '08 - Sep '18

Established in Lerín in 1954 by my grandfather, Antonio Ramos, Espumosos Confort has been a symbol of tradition and excellence for over 64 years. From working alongside my father, Javier Ramos, I learned invaluable lessons that have shaped both our business and our bond. As my father retired in September 2018, I reflect on the enduring legacy of Espumosos Confort, where craftsmanship and familial values intertwine to create a lasting impact.

Some stuff I did gained some popularity

In April '24 , I open-sourced a XeLaTeX resume template on my Github repo. It features on many popular online TeXing platforms and archives.

It is one of the most popular Latex templates on Overleaf , with over 1,000 views.

In my very young ages i developed a really big passion for music, in fact I trained really hard to become the youngest organist of my province at the early age of 8 years old and was interviewed by El Diario de Navarra.

For speaking invitations, I can be reached by email.

Research is fun

I've been fortunate to have been in involved with research with Prof Javier Rodriguez Falces and contributed to the reaserch that led to the publishing of the The influence of the reference electrode location on the M−wave characteristics in the quadriceps paper.

The influence of the reference electrode location on the M−wave characteristics in the quadriceps
Javier Rodriguez Falces, Pablo Ramos

ElSevier , Oct 2022

Analysis of the influence of reference electrode positioning on electromyographic signals.
Javier Rodriguez Falces, Pablo Ramos

UPNA , Jun 2019

I making cool s***

Gif maker
Jun '24

The concept of a Gif maker is well-established. My tool, however, focuses on creating fluid and smooth animated transitions from any input image. While there are many similar services available, mine is completely free and designed to provide a quick, straightforward solution for anyone looking to animate an image.

Jul '24

Jobs Push Is my most beloved personal project, it stands with the capacity to help people to find their dream job on an automated based engine.

Jul '24

ConforTravel Arising from the necessity to challenge the notion that flights are cheaper on specific moments or when booked far in advance of the departure date, one can explore the effectiveness of this premier web service for discovering affordable travel tickets, catering to both flights and train journeys.

Stock analysis tool
Nov '23

Since 2019 SAT has emerged as a focal point of my interest in financial markets and the economy. Its primary objective revolves around monitoring the consistent performance of stocks over time, with the intention of managing their trajectory effectively.

.NET tutorial
Dec '22

.NET is a C# compact and accessible library, offering straightforward examples tailored to ease learning for a wide audience. Since the emergence of .NET Core in 2016, it has evolved into one of my preferred programming environments.

Arduino Shield Comm Transceiver
Dec '18

Everybody knows arduino capabilities. Unfortunately even main boards lack of really basic features. So with the aim to solve this, and with the help of Santiago Led I created a Shield which is an expansion board for Arduino microcontrollers, providing additional functionalities to enhance it's capabilities. Not only for communications through Zigbee but also adding the capability of crawling information from the environment through sensors.

Other Personal Projects

I've also created an old style interactive bird shooting 2D Game with a random npc generator.

And a little bit about me...

I enjoy critically reasoning and debating controversial topics. Topics that particularly interest me are Spain, education, politics, technology, and economics.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) is INTP [Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving]. The favorite people I supposedly share my personality type with are Albert Einstein , Larry Page and Sergey Brin . You too should take the test here . As of late '17, I test as an ENTP.

I occasionally write on my blog, Writes whenever I feel like I have something new to add, usually about General stuff, life, code and education.

I enjoy biking, eating and reading about tech . I'm compiling a list of my favorite books, videos, articles and news sources on the internet in a list called where the knowledge is.

I really love listening, creating and playing music and HERE you can enjoy some of my amateur tracks. I embrace a really wide variety of music and have large Spotify playlists going. I also like to play piano and guitar. In fact, I was interviewed with 8 years old for being the youngest organist of my region.

I once lived off coffee , beer , and 5-hour energy shots, often in that order.
Now it's mostly rivella , coffee and cheap wine.

And here's my resumé...